Friday, 14 June 2013

Luxury Homes Interior Decoration Living Room Designs Ideas

From clean contemporary to mountain art deco we are featuring a variety of design, color, fabrics, furnishings and textures. We hope enjoy an inside look into some of Florida’s finest home and the design talent that created them. Please click on the “April Issue” button in the right column to view the online magazine everyone                                                
How often do you use your living room? Do you feel the need of having a formal living room or do you prefer to entertain in the kitchen and family room? Today’s Luxury Homes Interior Design Ideas is all about living rooms and I hope this post will make you want to spend more time in your own living room.

I hope you have some time to truly enjoy today’s Interior Design Ideas. This is the ideal post if you’re looking for ideas for your home because it’s filled with great spaces that I believe you’ll like.What I like the most about these spaces is the fact that every room was designed with style and functionality in mind and that’s fundamental in my opinion. I often see homes with rooms that are beautiful, but rarely used. I completely believe we should design our home in a way where we want to spend time in every room.

luxury home interior
In the first case, of course there is the eternal fabric vertical blinds, whose concept, offering slices pleated fabrics with different levels of transparency. Honeycomb shades and blinds also offer games of transparency and lightness interesting. Luxury Home Interior Window treatments roman type, combining sheers and trim the surface, as previously described for the blind. Luxury bathroom decoration accessories

luxury kitchen
The minimalist style is an architectural trend that stands out for its extreme simplicity. Emerged in the 60′s in New York, has its origins in Europe in the work of German architect Mies van der Rohe Bauhaus.

style interior furniture
Working with industrial materials to design smooth surfaces. The resulting product of this style causes a sensation of cleanliness.It attaches great importance to space and materials, focusing on pure and simple forms.This style tends to monochrome, to ceilings, walls and floors. The touch of color is given by the accessories.Luxury living room accessories

modern bedroom 
The white and all shades have a role in the minimalist style.Dispense entirely fabrics prints, pure colors are used, thereby creating a sense of modernity.Incorporates the use of materials such as polished concrete, glass, steel wires.The decor elements should combine and form a unit, which comes from the precept 

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