Monday, 29 December 2014

Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea Daily

Green tea boasts several health benefits and is considered as one of the world's healthiest drinks. Here are a few benefits of drinking green tea every day.

There are so many strong natural antioxidants (polyphenols) are present in green tea. These antioxidants will make green tea a better drink over coffee or black tea. Green tea also has very less caffeine content. Green tea benefits your hair, skin and also helps in weight loss. There is a long list of green tea benefits but drinking 1 cup a day would not help you. If you want benefits from green tea then you have to develop a habit of drinking 3-4 cups of green tea daily. Also, loose green tea leaves of higher quality is better over green tea bags.

Oral Health 

Along with the natural fluoride found in tea, polyphenols and catechins are associated with killing bacteria that cause tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease-the number one cause for tooth loss. A study published this year by the European Journal of Nutrition found that consumption of one or more cups of green tea a day was significantly associated with decreasing the risk of tooth loss. Adding sugar, honey, or other sweeteners to tea however, may negate these benefits.


Numerous research has demonstrated that tea is beneficial in preventing cancer including prostate, pancreatic, breast, colorectal, esophageal, bladder, lung, and stomach. The catechins found in tea prevent cell mutation, deactivate certain carcinogens, and reduce the formation and growth of tumors. Drinking as many as four cups a day may be necessary to reap the anti-cancer benefits.

Heart Health

Tea consumption is also associated with a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. Research published by Harvard demonstrates that people who drink at least one cup of tea daily have a 44 percent lower risk of heart attack. Some animal studies have demonstrated that tea also lowers cholesterol levels.

Weight Loss

Green tea helps you to loss your body weight.  As mentioned before, tea features a natural anti-oxidant gift in it, called in catechin polyphenols. Scientists have known six totally different catechins in tea and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one of them. EGCG increase the metabolism rate, and result in increasing the rate on which our body turns food into calories and helps in weight loss. Green tea reduces  blood fat and also reduce food cravings. Due to its drug properties, it eliminates excess water and thereby reduces excess body weight.


One on the major benefits of green tea is that it helps in reducing cholesterol. Today many people are facing problem of high cholesterol. Green tea contains tannins, which helps in reducing the bad cholesterol naturally. Tannins reduce the LDL (Low-density lipoproteins), which is known as bad cholesterol. Since green tea reduces the bad cholesterol so it also maintains a balance between good and bad cholesterol.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Games You Can Play At Your Christmas Party

Keep your family and friends guessing with this collection of five Christmas Party Games that all involve the unknown! Christmas can be filled with more fun if there are games for you. Christmas games are filled with excitement and can be a great idea to make the party more loving and entertaining.

Ornament Guess

A great way to start of your Christmas party is to have guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree when they walk into the party. This is a very easy game to set up and you can give a small prize to the winner if you'd like.

Christmas Charades

Charades can be a great ice-breaker and with Christmas charades you can keep your guests in the holiday spirit. When you come up with your Christmas charade list, considering using holiday phrases or titles of Christmas movies or songs.

Christmas Day Bingo

Bingo is one of those games that fits into just about any occasion. We’ve had Bridal Shower Bingo become close to a staple of bridal showers, and Free Bingo Hunter reports that various bingo sites have also started their Christmas promos as early as this month. The Crafting Chicks has a great bingo set that’s perfect for Christmas.

Liar, liar

All the guests are suggested to put down three interesting and funny situations from their life. One of them should be wrong and the others true. When all people are sitting together they read aloud those stories. The task of other participants is to find out which situation is false. In order to make that guessing process easier they ask the person certain questions. Your guests will be pleased to get a prize. You can award the best guesser and the best liar.

Two Out of Three

Ask your guests to bring a gift to the party, and when it comes time to distribute the gifts, sit around in a circle and take turns telling stories about yourselves. Each guests tells three stories about themselves, with two of them being true, and one being a lie. The other guests must then guess which of the stories is a lie, with the first to guess correctly winning the storyteller’s gift! Once they guess correctly, it’s their turn to tell stories about themselves.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Easy Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes

Green eyes are beautiful and deserve to be enhanced. Here are some tips and tricks to make your green eyes more prominent. Green eyes can make a statement, especially if you choose the right type of make up.

If you have green eyes and you want to enhance your natural beauty, check out the following eye makeup tips for green eyes and practice your application skills to create seductive look.

The best way to bring out your mysterious green eyes is to use vibrant and intense eyeshadow colors like plum, purple, mauve, lilac, copper and brown.

For more breathtaking look combine light and dark colors or go for single tone eye makeup for more natural and subtle look. Such bold eye makeup will boost your sexuality and keep all eyes on you. Cool and nude shades like white or silver will make your face look pale so you’d better stay away from using these hues.

If you want to add dimension to your eyes, use brown eyeliner instead of black one. For bolder makeup you can use golden or bronze eyeliner.

In order to have perfect makeup you should choose lipstick and blush colors that will be in harmony with your eye makeup. Choose peach, apricot, brown or rose shades of blush to highlight your cheeks. Mauve, plum, burgundy or rose will give your lips velvety feel.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cheap Homemade Christmas Decorating Ideas

Homemade Christmas decorations are the best. Handmade crafts are so personal and meaningful and usually become a family tradition that appear every year for generations. We love these darling little felt Christmas trees adorned with silhouettes of forest animals. Green, red and white wool felt, red wool yarn (for the berries on the tree), embroidery floss and some stuffing are all you need.

These handmade Christmas decorations have an unique appeal not only because they are cheap and easy to make, but also because we create memories with our family during the whole crafting process.

Unusual Christmas Balls

Bright handmade Christmas balls are simple and easy to make. Wrap an old Christmas ball, used tennis ball or any plastic ball with a square piece of colorful decorative fabric in colors that match your Christmas tree decorating. Use the rubber band to hold fabric.

Christmas Table Centerpieces With Candles

Ordinary candles can be transformed in beautiful Christmas table decorations. produce a nice and original decorations. Candles on a plate, decorated with green Christmas wreath make gorgeous Christmas table centerpieces. Wreaths, made of evergreen branches bring wonderful Christmas aroma into a room and excellent Christmas table decoration that stay fresh and attractive for long time.

Christmas Craft Ideas With Jingle Bells

The tablecloth and table runner can be decorated with tiny jingle bells and ribbons in Christmas colors. Small jingle bells add playful flavor and festive atmosphere to Christmas decorating. Jingle bells are great festive accents that are easy to add to homemade Christmas decorations, curtains, window and door garlands, chandeliers and door knobs.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Simple Christmas Decorations Ideas For Your Home

Christmas is the only festival which is prominently celebrated in all around the world by various religions with their very own styles as well as traditions. It comes on December 25 each year and also encourages us to take pleasure in our-selves by decorating our living area as well as involved with a number of fun activities.

Many individuals have fun decorating their place with their very own style by using it each and every year. The following are some Christmas Decorating Ideas for Home and Office which will definitely assist you to decorate your own livable space in the almost all beautiful style.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorating ideas begin in the dining room, where dinner will be served. Dress the table with festive table linens, place settings and serve ware. Billow up a tablecloth and let if fall into place as gently as snow drifting down from the sky. Pick red or green as rich and vibrant as the tones of a poinsettia, or allow a depiction of that very plant to enter the table linens-extending to the placemat and napkins.

A great way to get holiday decorating ideas is to visit the galleries and look for something you like. You may read about some different Christmas decorating ideas and exterior Christmas lights below.

Home decor trends change from year to year. There are even seasonal variations intended to keep your home decor from becoming boring. Holiday decorations can provide a dramatic and exciting change to your home decor. Christmas decorations can also bring in an element of serenity and tranquility that may be absent during other parts of the year. The following Christmas decorating ideas will give you some insight as to what the new trends include so that you can begin planning your holiday decor.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Ideas For Family Camping Trip

Start Small If it’s your first camping trip as a family, don’t aim for a multi-week excursion that will have you hiking out into the middle of nowhere and completely living off the land. A weekend trip is the perfect way to ease into camping.

If you have small kids in particular then take a couple of nearby test trips first to gauge the scenario. Lots of areas have local campsites for novice campers, complete with grills, areas for contained fires and even the occasional bathroom. That way, if your kid flips out about sleeping on the ground or using the bathroom in the woods, you can easily head back home.

Invite Others

In order to keep your children from fighting and cribbing each other or just whining constantly on your camping trip, bring along other kids to keep them engaged and entertained among themselves. Consider inviting another family or two with children of similar ages to join you on your camping excursion.

Safety Kit

While travelling with kids make sure to pack the emergency kit or other safety supplies. This will help you avoid making a middle of the night trip to the convenience store during the camping. Take along a few standard items, like a first aid kit, age-appropriate thermometers, pain and cough relievers, bug spray and kid-friendly food and snacks. Double-check bedtime necessities before leaving your home that for the ride.

Avoid Hectic Tasks

A better way to enjoy camping is to relax rather than run every minute. Resist the urge to involve all set of activities in one trip, rather plan your excursions, picking and leaving various options. After all you don’t want a burnout post the vacation. Mix muscle driven tasks and sit and do fun stuff to avoid tiring yourself out. Overtaxing your family members will leave them tired, cranky and more irritating unlike what you would have expected.

Bring Games and Props

While decking your car with camping essentials, make space for toys, games and fun stuff. Bring along notepads for kids to draw, write and sketch the events and daily activities. Bring box packs for kids to store collectibles like stones, shells etc. Building blocks, toy cars and board games will go a long way toward keeping youngsters entertained once they’ve had their fill of nature-related activities.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Right Makeup Foundation For Your Skin color

I believe that there is not a single woman in the world who doesn’t understand the value of a clear and healthy skin.  To be able to step out into the world everyday without having to worry about makeup and covering facial flaws would just be liberating, to say the least. Women born with perfectly smooth, clear, almost like photoshopped skin are always the envy of other women.  However, that is a gift that only very few women are blessed with and,

sadly, not the reality that the rest of us is probably ever gonna wake up to. For most of us, we have no other choice but to get by with a little help from our friends” cosmetics (particularly, makeup foundation)!

before you go selecting your shade, make sure you read this tip: Makeup Foundation artist Orlando Santiago says many Latinas make the mistake of choosing a foundation based on how light or dark they are, when we should be looking at our undertones. We are either neutral, cool, or warm. Click through to see what foundation works best for you!

Make up colors change with fashion styles and seasons. The latest new color may or may not be right for you, so how do you take the gamble out of buying make up? You can get a professional makeover to help you choose the colors that are best for your skin tone, or you can learn to choose the best colors.

When shopping for a foundation, look for the word non-comodenogenic (the fancy term that means it doesn't clog your pores). makeup tips The product's claim should also be that it goes on evenly, or better yet, that it makes your skin glow.

Test the base on the back of your hand. If it blends into your skin without a visible line or dramatic tone difference, this could be the one.

Blend, blend, blend. Foundation isn't a mask. Your true skin should shine through. Concealer should be one shade lighter then your base. Make sure that you dot under the eyes (use your pinky!) and dot over any blotchiness, blemishes or redness, and then blend some more. (Did I say blend?)

Final words: Don't hide behind a mask of makeup as I once did. It took me years(!) to learn not to use heavy powder, especially under the eyes because it screams to the world