Friday, 21 June 2013

How To Restaurants Are Catering For Kids

As parents spend more time with their children during the summer, restaurants have the chance to help families grab dinner during vacation or celebrate a Little League victory, but recent trends show that eateries could capitalize on the opportunities if they respond to kids’ and parents’ evolving needs.
Kids are different today than they were a decade ago,” said Bonnie Riggs, restaurant for kids analyst for consumer market research firm The NPD Group, in a May report. “They want to grow up fast and don’t want to be thought of as kids. Moms are also more concerned with the foods that their kids are eating.                                              
Less than two weeks after the Center for Science in the Public Interest reported 91 percent of children’s meals at the biggest restaurant chains don’t meet the healthy standards set by the National Restaurant Association, the NPD Group reports restaurant visits by groups with children remained flat.

Whether your establishment is a simple family eatery or offers higher end, high-concept dining, catering to kids and doing it right can increase repeat business in your restaurant.  Sure, children don’t pay the check, but if they like what you do they will bring themselves and their parents back over and over again. So building their loyalty pays.

When dining at the Blue Windows Bistro in south Fort Myers, bring your appetite, but leave your children at home.Christian Vivet, the chef and owner, Phuket Restaurant said the decision to ask patrons to leave their children home was simple.

A isn't very keen on the 'normal' childhood staples of meat with chips and peas/beans, or cheese and tomato pizza or any of the other standard kids meals offered in restaurants Is it just me who would rather that restaurants offered child sized portions of their standard fare?  Why don't they - do most children really prefer nuggets/fish fingers and chips?  Is it really not cost effective to serve smaller portions of 'real' food.

“Getting families with their children back into restaurants is certainly one of the ways in which they can grow revenue and increase share,” she says, adding that cost is often cited by families with kids as the biggest obstacle. “Restaurant operators must understand their financial situation and reflect it in pricing of kids’ menu items and kids’ meals.

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