Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hand Made Birthday Greeting Card Designs & Ideas

On this page you can view birthday greeting cards that I have created. I will indicate next to the card whether the design is my own creation or it's a design that I have learned at a recent stamping event or an idea I borrowed from a creative website online. I will be adding to this birthday card page as I create more designs in the future. I'm featuring several designs which incorporate craft punches. I'm especially found of the scalloped punches for borders and stamped greeting. And I love using the flower and leaf punches to layer a flower and make it seem 3-diminsional and then add brads for the center of the flowers.
Gone are the days when people looked forward to seeing the mailman walking around the neighborhood delivering letters from another town or state or even from another country. People today are able to send their messages almost in real time through mobile devices and the internet. Animated greeting cards with customizable sounds and messages are a hit especially among the young folk. Though it may seem that there is no more use for handmade Birthday cards, there are still people who prefer to send their messages to their family and friends through these special cards.
When it comes to birthdays, there is nothing that celebrates the day quite like a birthday card. So make the day memorable by shopping our large assortment of birthday cards at PAPYRUS Online. Our birthday greeting cards have distinct personality with their high quality design, heartfelt messages and remarkable embellishments. Find the perfect card whether you are looking for unique and funny cards or elegant, handmade birthday cards.

Cards are a nice gesture.  Handmade cards are an extension of the heart.  That’s why it’s our family tradition to make homemade birthday cards.  Funny Birthday Gifts When making our cards, I like to inspire my children with different techniques.  Then, when they are creating on their own, they will use the techniques to make something totally unique.

This homemade birthday card is simple Fold your paper or card stock in half to make your card base.  Have your children cut scrapbooking paper into a large rectangle for a birthday cake and small strips for candles. Glue down your pieces to make a birthday cake

I loved making these cards with my children because it wasn’t just a meaningless craft that you want to throw away right after it’s done.  Not only was I excited to hang it up, but it also created an opportunity to talk about expressing our love for others and being generous.

It does not take a lot of money to make handmade cards. In most cases, you would already have some or all of the materials in your study or home office. You will need colored paper, decals, and cut-outs. You will also need to have some basic school supplies like scissors, tape or any adhesive, and a ruler.

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