Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Health Benefitss of Liquid Vitamins Better Than Tablets

People who prefer liquid vitamins say the human body can more readily absorb their nutrients than those in tablets, pills or capsules. Those favoring solid formats for nutritional supplements argue they are more cost effective than liquids. However, the American Dietetic Association maintains that neither liquid nor solid supplements can meet or beat the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food.

Liquid vitamins are more effective because they can be assimilated immediately into the blood stream. The liquid form can also be three to five times more concentrated than vitamin pills. This more concentrated form can lead to higher therapeutic benefits and a healthier outcome.

Liquid vitamins have no difficulty with the digestive juices of the stomach. In fact our digestive system actually prefers the liquid form. It is able to better absorb benefitss of liquid vitamins and minerals better than a pill or in capsule form.

Many companies tout the benefits of taking liquid vitamin supplements. Their biggest claim of benefit revolves around the supposed better absorption of these liquid vitamins over pills or capsules. Pineapple juice for nutrition  So, should you consider taking liquid vitamins?

Benefits of Liquid Vitamins

Experience the Full Spectrum of Essential Nutrients
Liquid delivery systems are a scientifically sound way to deliver over 100 essential and beneficial nutrients in 1 or 2 convenient liquid doses.

Enjoy Benefits of Immediate Absorption
Liquid vitamins and minerals are available for immediate absorption... do not have to be dissolved first like pills and tablets.

Optimal Nutrient Quantities and Ratios
Liquid vitamins and minerals easily optimize the ratio or proportion of one nutrient to another - maximizing synergistic nutrient combinations.

One or two inclusive liquid formulas are more economical to purchase than the same number of individual nutrients in different bottles

Easy to Ingest
Liquids are easier to ingest than difficult to swallow bulky pills and tablets

Enhanced Absorption
Liquid delivery systems may have greater absorption than pills and tablets - this is detailed information we will save for last.

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