Saturday, 3 August 2013

Choosing The Best Makeup Styles For Brown Eyes

You can consider yourself lucky, if you are the owner of a pair of brown eyes. Not only do you have dark eyes that will allure anyone who gazes into them, but, you can easily choose more airbrush makeup styles than women with other eye colors. However, in order to make sure that the look you choose, effectively, accentuate your eyes and features, here are some tips for you to consider before trying makeup styles for brown eyes.

When choosing from, makeup styles for brown eyes, take into consideration the following factors: like when you shall wear the look, how exotic you want your eyes to look, and, the shape of your eyes

One thing you should take into account when choosing an eyeshadow and eyeliner is the color of your eyes. You want to bring out your natural color. Your goal is to make your eye color pop and stand out, not for the eyeshadow to compete with or diminish your natural color.

While many people with brown eyes choose to wear brown eye makeup, this is actually not the best way to compliment your natural eye color.Most experts recommend choosing colors that sit on the opposite side of the color spectrum, when you are trying to frame your eyes.

It’s true – with eye makeup for brown eyes, your choices are almost limitless – you can use just about any color available, and look to your eye If you have brown eyes, then consider yourself extremely lucky, because you have a much wider choice of colors, and can have fun experimenting with your eye makeup, than any other eye color.

You are so fortunate to be born with darker eyes, because eye makeup for brown eyes includes those really dark colors, and you can wear them and have that dramatic, sultry look, without having the risk of looking like a clown.

This is for all you brown-eyed babes out there! Bringing out your brown eyes is easy to do and there are certain shades that will help. Making your eyes pop is something everyone wants to achieve. This look is a great “go to” for all my brown eyed Makeup Geeks. But if you have green or blue eyes don’t let that stop you from trying this versatile look.

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