Saturday, 27 July 2013

Simple Meditation Techniques Benefits For Children

It appears that the world of meditation has developed simple meditation techniques for kids by which they can pay better attention and become kinder.  Perhaps these techniques have been around for centuries and I just wasn’t aware they existed.She tells me stories almost daily about some of her students who either cannot stay focused for more than five minutes or who are just plain mean to other kids.

Many of the same simple beginner meditation techniques that adults use can also be used for kids' meditation.If you are a meditator, your children might already be curious about your practice, and you may have the perfect opportunity to introduce meditation for the children in your home.

This is a great activity to that you can your child can do together. This will give you time to bond and make your relationship stronger. If you already meditate, chances are that your children are already curious about what you are doing.

The popular article How to Raise Enlightened Children kicked off our kids yoga and meditation section, developing which is a key goal of Mastery of Meditation & Yoga.  Towards that end I want to provide you some easy meditation techniques for kids and also some sample videos, meditation method which I hope will inspire and encourage your children to dive in and reap the enormous benefits of meditation practice.

Simple meditation techniques, backed up with modern scientific knowledge of the brain, are helping kids hard-wire themselves to be able to better pay attention and become kinder, says neuroscientist Richard Davidson.

Simple meditation techniques for kids will teach them something far more important than any other lesson ever could. It will be the most influential exercise of their life as the ability to give deliberate thought and concentration of their own mind will remind him/her how to use the imagination in a focused and positive way. This can only result in a much happier and balanced child, capable of managing their own mind and controlling emotions rather than the reverse

When children learn to look at the world with attention, balance and compassion they soon learn to be in the world with attention, balance and compassion."

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