Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cheap Homemade Christmas Decorating Ideas

Homemade Christmas decorations are the best. Handmade crafts are so personal and meaningful and usually become a family tradition that appear every year for generations. We love these darling little felt Christmas trees adorned with silhouettes of forest animals. Green, red and white wool felt, red wool yarn (for the berries on the tree), embroidery floss and some stuffing are all you need.

These handmade Christmas decorations have an unique appeal not only because they are cheap and easy to make, but also because we create memories with our family during the whole crafting process.

Unusual Christmas Balls

Bright handmade Christmas balls are simple and easy to make. Wrap an old Christmas ball, used tennis ball or any plastic ball with a square piece of colorful decorative fabric in colors that match your Christmas tree decorating. Use the rubber band to hold fabric.

Christmas Table Centerpieces With Candles

Ordinary candles can be transformed in beautiful Christmas table decorations. produce a nice and original decorations. Candles on a plate, decorated with green Christmas wreath make gorgeous Christmas table centerpieces. Wreaths, made of evergreen branches bring wonderful Christmas aroma into a room and excellent Christmas table decoration that stay fresh and attractive for long time.

Christmas Craft Ideas With Jingle Bells

The tablecloth and table runner can be decorated with tiny jingle bells and ribbons in Christmas colors. Small jingle bells add playful flavor and festive atmosphere to Christmas decorating. Jingle bells are great festive accents that are easy to add to homemade Christmas decorations, curtains, window and door garlands, chandeliers and door knobs.

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